About Us

Big Island Used Cars LLC is really just the Perea Ohana -- Don, Michelle, Brandon, and Katherine. It’s what the company is today, what is was when we started it in 2007, and what it always will be.

We’re proud to say that simplicity is our strong suit. At our dealership customers only work with us, the owners - meaning that we'll handle every purchase with pride, professionalism and most of all, accountability.

We’ve personally handled thousands of transactions with the very same people you’ll see in our local grocery stores, movie theatres, and down at the beach. If you're curious about our business, you can always call us or check the reviews section of our Facebook page. Or better yet, ask around! It won’t take long for you to talk to someone whose had a great experience buying from Don, Michelle, Brandon, or Katherine.

We love this business, love our island, and love using our experience to help people choose the right vehicle for their budget and lifestyle.


Don, Michelle, Brandon & Katherine Perea

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